Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Galaxy Note II goes on sale in Indonesia on October 13

Yes guys, it is official! The much anticipated Galaxy Note 2 is going to be available in Indonesia starting October 13. Already many of Galaxy Note 2 fans in Singapore are screaming. How does Samsung perceive Singapore market? Do they put Singapore market so low on their priority list that fans in Indonesia are able to get it so early while there is still no words on its availability in Singapore?

I am equally frustrated myself. Many Galaxy Note fans have been screaming at Samsung Singapore's official facebook page. But almost all of them are simply being ignored still with no answer from Samsung officials.

The launch price of Galaxy Note 2 in Indonesia (click here to see the offering) is around the earlier projection that I've made. With 12-months contract and ~S$35 monthly plan, the Note is sold for around ~$750. This translates to a retail price of around S$1,000-1,100.

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