Tuesday, 9 October 2012

5 Geekiest T-Shirt Every Geek Should See

Geek is a word that has both positive and negative association. Let us first just look at the definition of GEEK according to dictionary.com:

From this definition alone, it is easy to see why the good and bad connotations that are associated with the word 'GEEK'. In countries such as US, geeks are not shy to proclaim that they are geeks. Maybe it is the first definition of geek that is perceived of them when someone is said to be a geek. Sadly, this is not so true in Singapore. The word geek is more closely associated to the second definition, IMO. Except few true geeks (like you and I), not many like to be called a geek here in Singapore. The common perception of geek here is of someone who is smart, a computer nerd but snobbish and dislikeable.

I am not trying to change anyone's perception of geek here. But in my own definition, a geek is simply someone who is more inclined towards technology, fast at adopting and exploiting new innovation and can also be down-to-earth, likeable and sociable.

You may be wandering why am I suddenly talking about geek. The answer can be explained by the simple equation below.

Pr (Geek | Android User) > Pr (Geek | iOS User)

If you are able to follow me with the equation, there is a high chance you are a true geek. Read on. If you are unable to understand the equation, it simply means that "The probability that you are a geek if you are an Android User is higher than the probability that you are a geek if you are an iOS user". Since this blog is about Samsung Galaxy Note 2, I would assume that most of you reading this blog are either an Android user or planning to become one soon.

As the pitch from Galaxy Note 2 fans in Singapore is deafening and everyone is now shouting out loud when the device will be here, I thought it would be good to give everyone a short break from all the excitement and have a little fun.

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I have curated 5 Geekiest T-Shirt that every Geek should see. Here are my picks.

  1. This is the funniest of all. The picture says it all. It is selling in Amazon between US$14.99-US$21.99 depending on the size you pick.
  2. This is the geekiest of all. Try and see if you can decode the binary below. (Clue: It is a Geek world). What I like about this design is it offers variety of colours for both guy and lady geek. To see the complete collection of  binary geek t-shirt in Amazon, click here.
  3. "Follow me" may be the new cool in today's Twitter and Instagram era. But if you prefer to have little privacy of your own, this should say it all. It would be hillarious to wear. This shirt is selling in Amazon from US$14.99 onwards.
  4. This surprised me initially. To think that there is a geeky maternity wear out there. Buy this if you want your kid to be the next geek. Be warned that they do not come cheap though. They are selling in Amazon starting from US$34.50.
  5. Another way of saying lazy. True enough though.

For now, have a geeky day!

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