Monday, 8 October 2012

My Wish List for Galaxy Note 2 Accessories

I am not sure if it is just due to my ignorant. I find it hard to find good accessories - from casing to screen shield, from camera add-ons to car mount - for my current Galaxy Note in Singapore. Maybe it could be because I have not been hanging out enough in the new malls that have been sprouting up all over the island. Or maybe it is because the places I normally hang out. But for whatever reason, I easily bump into stores or push carts that sell wide variety of iPhone accessories. When it come to Galaxy Note, the choices are limited.

For this reason, I have turned to Amazon to satisfy my unrelenting desire to find the best accessories for my Galaxy Note. I found shopping in Amazon is amazing as I can do windows shopping without leaving the comfort of my couch and let my fingers do the walking. It just takes a bit of creativity with the wording for you to hunt some of the coolest accessories that are selling in Amazon.

Here are my wish list and top picks when it comes to Galaxy Note 2 accessories. I really wish these awesome add-ons are made available for the Galaxy Note 2.

My Wishlist of the Toughest Accessories to be available for Galaxy Note II N7100

Water-proof Note 2 Skin Case

#1 Water-proof Skin Case

Oh, how cool it is. I can imagine I would no longer have to worry about putting my phone in the locker for my next canoeing trip in East Coast. The best part is I can take my new Galaxy Note 2 and use it to take picture anytime I want.

Last Price Check: US$14.99

ArmorSuit Military Shield for Note II

#2 ArmorSuit Military Shield

ArmorSuit Military Shield - If you happen to be out under the Sun often (visit to the construction site, biking and etc), then this shield is made for you. It is made of the same film material used to protect military aircrafts, helicopters and space shuttles. You can judge for yourself how tough this thing can be.

Last Price Check: US$9.95

Otterbox Defender for Note II N7100

#3 Otterbox Defender

Otterbox Defender - This is probably one of the proven toughest casing out there. If you have registered for the upcoming Marathon run and wish to bring along your Galaxy Note while running, this is it. Think no more.

Last Price Check: US$41.25

Loveliest Galaxy Note Accessories

  1. Wallet Case from SPIGEN - This is defnitely not for guys. Ladies, we all put our phones in our handbags. Easily put your Galaxy Note into this casing and you don't have to worry about scratching the phone screen the next time you slip it into the bags. Last Price Check: US$44.99
  2. Magenta Leather Flip case - Combination between the pink and grey clip is just fantastic. I simply love it. I bought it for my existing Note and I must say I love it so much. But if you so decide to order for this, be prepared for slightly longer shipping time. At least that was what I encountered the last time I ordered from them. Last Price Check: US$19.00
These are my simple wish list for the upcoming Galaxy Note 2. Do you have yours?

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  1. I got mine 3 days ago. I'm loving it, wish there were more options in cases. I'm bad with phones, and we have nothing available to protect it locally. Our local t mobile store is supposed to b getting a shipment of cases Nov 2nd hope I don't destroy it by then:/