Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Fans in Singapore can Expect Galaxy Note 2 October Debut?

In just two days time, our fellow Note 2 fans in Indonesia will be getting their hands on the Galaxy Note 2. (Read: Galaxy Note II goes on sale in Indonesia on October 13) Fans in Singapore are equally excited and disappointed by the news. The fact that the device has been launched in Asia, it means that its debut in Singapore is near. But the question lingers why it takes so long for Samsung to launch a product that has seen such huge demand and enthusiasm?

Latest Update: SingTel FAQs: Galaxy Note II will be on Sale on Friday, October 19

Today, I was browsing Samsung Singapore's Facebook page in the hope of finding some clue on official words. Gotcha... I bumped into the following post. Samsung Singapore has confirmed that "GALAXY Note II LTE will make its debut in SG this month". And they continue to say "Stay tuned and we will share more soon :)"

Earlier News: Galaxy Note 2 Exclusive Preview for Fans in Singapore

I am keeping all fingers crossed until they make the official announcement. The Galaxy Note 2 launch in Singapore is imminent. Get ready for a long queue guys!

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