Thursday, 11 October 2012

It is now confirmed! Galaxy Note II lands in US on October 24

It is now confirmed that the wildly anticipated Galaxy Note II will make its landing in US market on October 24. As promised in its earlier teaser, Samsung has finally sent a formal invitation to the media and journalist. (see the invitation received by folks at engadget above) It has now removed all doubts and put a halt to all the guessing games.

Latest Update: Galaxy Note 2 Exclusive Preview for Fans in Singapore

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has now landed in few countries. When exactly is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 release date in Singapore remains a mystery that many are asking. But based on a post (that I accidentally dig out) from Samsung Singapore's Facebook page, it will arrive in Singapore no later than October. It can be later than October 24 or it can be earlier. Will Singapore be the last country to receive the Note 2? My take is it will come after the US launch. I may be wrong though. What is your take?

[Just for Fun] Polling: How much are you willing to pay for Galaxy Note 2?

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