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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Release Date in Singapore (Updated with Leaked Info)

Earlier, I mentioned that Samsung was planning to unveil a successor to one of the most popular smartphone model of all time, that is a new Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The early speculations turned out to be not just a hoax when Samsung indeed reveal the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 during their Unpacked Event held in Berlin, Germany on August 29.

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For a brief period of time, I was really worried about the fate of Samsung and their smartphone business. This worry was fuelled by no other than the ridiculous $1B patent win that a California court awarded to Apple. I was particularly concerned about the future of Samsung's Smartphone business because if the $1B patent fine were to be withhold, it could really hurt this particular business unit of Samsung. Based on their recent financial disclosure, sources said that the total cash reserve that Samsung has is in the range of $20B. Now, that is 5% of the total reserve that they have. (At the time of this writing, Apple is reported to have filed a request to triple the fine to $3B).

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The verdict clearly hurt Samsung with some top-level executives quoted as saying that the decision was way beyond their worst anticipation. Analysts and bloggers have started flooding the blogsphere with their own versions of analysis and prediction. I was clearly worried by the unfolding of this event while still quietly hopeful that Samsung will continue their fight against Apple.

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On August 29, Samsung showed its commitment to win and dominate this smartphone battle. During Unpacked Event, the most anticipated Samsung event of the year, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was unveiled. I took some time to study their technical specifications and early reviews from our fellow geek bloggers who are fortunate enough to have their hands on the device. Now, I am ready to announce that I am really excited about the new generation of Galaxy Note 2.

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There are certainly many of you out there who are eagerly waiting for this phenomenal device to arrive in Singapore. The good news is 3 weeks after their unveiling, Samsung announced that the landing date for their new device is coming soon. Galaxy Note fans in U.K are definitely most fortunate. They will be the first to own what many of us would consider to be the 'dream smartphone'. The date is set for October 1, 2012. I was a little bit disappointed by their announcement as I could not find any firm date on when it will be available in Singapore. All I have heard so far from their press release is that they are expecting the sales of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to surpass all previous records and it will be launched in 128 countries together with 260 carriers worldwide. Other than its home turf South Korea, only release dates in United States have been mentioned by them. All major carriers in U.S. will offer the new Galaxy Note 2 by mid of November.

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Still, Galaxy note fans in Singapore are questioning when this device will be here. I am asking the same question everyday. According to a close trusted source (that I have managed to 'bribe' over coffee), the date is near. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 release date in Singapore could be as soon as mid of October. That is about 2 weeks from now. I hope this is going to be true :)

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Meanwhile, while waiting for this device that we all so loved about, it is interesting to see that a number of accessories for the Galaxy Note II have been floating around in the market. Specifically, I think this CrazyOn Protective Case is going to be one of the essential that I need to protect my new Note. I'm also going to need a screen protector and one of the early model that is selling in Amazon now is the SPIGEN SGP Steinheil protector. So if you are like me, have decided in getting the new Galaxy Note 2 when it lands in Singapore, why not buy these essential accessories first so they would be here by the time the Note is here in mid October. Remember it easily takes 2-3 weeks for Amazon order to ship to Singapore.

Do you plan to get yourself the new Note? Share your comments below if you like

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