Saturday, 29 September 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Pricing - What you can expect

In my earlier write-up, I made a simple maths analysis based on the latest galaxy note 2 price. The analysis was based on the officially released galaxy note 2 price in India. There, the price of the hotly anticipated new line of galaxy device is about 10-15% higher.

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Never did I expect such as strong and enthusiastic responses from you guys. In the last 24 hours, I received many emails, feedbacks and requests. From this alone, I can tell you for sure that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will definitely be hot. Judging from the early interests shown in Samsung's official Facebook page, demands for their new phablet is overwhelming to me. Many fans are screaming to express their eagerness.

Now that we have more pricing information available from UK carriers, it is always good to see how the price of the Galaxy Note 2 compares to its predecessor.

As we all know by now, UK will be among the first country to see the launch of Galaxy Note 2. Online retailers - such as phones4u - have gone as far as to accept pre-order and guarantee a delivery date. But I have managed to dig out some numbers about 2 of the most popular carriers there, namely O2 and Orange. Here is how their pricing scheme stands for the Galaxy Note 2 and its earlier model.

ModelTalktimeTextDataPriceMonthly Plan2-years PriceDifference
Note 2UnlimitedUnlimited1GB60369247%
Orange UK
Note 24003000750MB149.9931893.995%

Different countries do have different mobile pricing plan. While comparing to India might not be an accurate reflection of things to expect, the UK pricing scheme seems to be close to what we can expect in Singapore. But again, things might be different as telcos are racing to roll out their own 4G or LTE networks and the cost of their infrastructure set up may be different in different countries. But if there is one thing we can know for quite certainly is the irony of the smartphone industry. With more powerful device that supports faster data capability, we are going to see more aggressive capping of the data limit by the telcos.



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