Friday, 28 September 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Price in Singapore

Okay okay. We are all excited to usher in the new generation of Phablet, that is the new descend of the Galaxy Note. The rumours are increasingly deafening. The date in which Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will hit the store here in Singapore is set to be early to mid November. These rumours are not totally baseless. Here is why.

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In 2011, Samsung announced the birth of what many considered to be a new category of mobile computing device. With screen size of 5.3 inch, the first generation of Galaxy Note sounded a bit confusing to some. But that is the characteristic of a disruptive innovation, isn't it? That is how disruptive technology innovation shakes the industry and change the entire game. It received its healthy bit of scepticism from early bloggers but all the failure prediction was soon washed out the moment the Galaxy Note hit the store. It soon became the flagship smartphone model for Samsung. Not only that, it made the iPhone throne (as smartphone king) suddenly vulnerable.

This year (2012), fans in Singapore are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the next generation of Galaxy Note. Looking back to the rollout of the first generation Note, it was only two months after its announcement that fans Singapore to get their hands on this device. Announced in beginning of September 2011, the first generation of Galaxy Note was available here only in November 2011. Unless Samsung has managed to improve its logistical chain (can they copy Apple's Tim Cook recipe?), we should expect the same amount of time lag this year. This is in line with my earlier prediction (backed by reliable source) that the Galaxy Note 2 will be available in Singapore latest by mid-November.

The next big question that everyone is asking is how much would they have to pay for this device? Let us dig a bit deeper into the historical numbers and the early markets in which the Galaxy Note 2 has been rolled out into. Currently, one of the country which the hot new gadget from Samsung has been rolled out to is India. Compared to its predecessor, the new Galaxy Note 2 is prices about 15% higher (INR39,900 vs INR34,900). Going by the same rule, fans in Singapore can expect to pay between 10-15% compared to the first generation Note. This means that the Galaxy Note 2 price in Singapore without contract should come to about SGD1,088 to SGD1,188. They seem to me like auspiciously good numbers. Will it be true? Stay tuned. I'll keep every one posted as soon as I have further insight.

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