Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Galaxy Note 2 with Jelly Bean?

During the recent I/O developer conference, Google announced its Android 4.1 codenamed Jelly Bean. One of the most talkabout capability that comes with the Jelly Bean is the voice-activated assistant (a.k.a Siri-Clone). While some was downplaying the importance of such voice-activated app (how many iPhone users you know are using Siri after the whole hype was over?), some so-called visionary tech enthusiast argue that this is going to be the future turf-of-war between the tech titans.

Some believes that Apple is eyeing a much bigger scale than just deploying Siri as your personal assistant. As part of its long-term plan, Apple wants to conquer the Ads business that Google is dominating today. Imagine if everyone (of its million users) starts using Siri and start to treat Siri as their personal assistant, Siri will play a major role in performing the information search and is expected to filter the search results based on the user preferences that it has learned about its owner. Google appears to be taking the aggressive stance on this. Before Apple-Siri-dominated search world comes true, Google is fighting hard to protect its turf. That is why the Siri-clone (codename Project Butter) was seen as a major arsenal when Google announced its Jelly Bean Android 4.1. When Jelly Bean-powered Android devices start to flood the market, the competition for who is the best assistant will heat up again. Only that the next time the battle heats up, will there be another lawsuit filed by Apple? Will they claim Siri as their patented digital assistant that no one has the right to build except Apple? After all, Apple has started dumping Google maps in their new iOS 6 and it might not be long before they come up with their own search engine and replace Google as the default search in the Safari browser.

While Google officially announced Galaxy Nexus to be the first device to be powered by Jelly Bean, many are wondering if Samsung is able to squeeze Jelly Bean into its upcoming Galaxy Note 2 release. This will sure delight many Galaxy Notes fan in Singapore and will make Galaxy Note one step ahead of its fast-chasing competitors. This will also put the Note to be in better position when reviews and comparisons start to pour in after Apple announces its new iPhone model.

But many believes that it might not be possible for this to happen. Given the giant screen size (5.5-inch) that the new Note is expected to feature, integrating Jelly Bean to fit into the unusual screen size might take longer time and it is impossible for this to happen. Nonetheless, there are few optimistic bunch who still believes that this is possible. Given Samsung's reputation of willingness to do all they can to deliver and meet usually impossible schedules, these optimists have their reason to cheer. Who will prove to be true? Let's find out in a week time.

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