Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Galaxy Note 2 Rumours Round-up

Today, Samsung just releases a teaser for one of their most anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note. From the teaser, Samsung labels their August 29 event in Berlin as 'Magical Moment come alive'. Other than this, there is probably nothing much that Samsung has revealed in their new teaser. Watch the new teaser below. Featuring film director, Wim Wenders, this teaser is a departure to their normally boyish teaser that usually features some of the popular boy bands in Korea.
As the August 29 date approaches, rumours of what kind of new innovation the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will feature continue to flood the rumour-sphere and blog-sphere. Here is some of the interesting rumours that get me excited and upbeat about the latest innovation from Samsung. Bigger 5.5-inch screen to replace the current 5.3-inch screen. As if the current screen of the Galaxy Note is not big enough, some sources revealed that the screen for the new Galaxy Note 2 will just get bigger. Personally, I love the huge screen that none of its competitors is offering. Browsing is pleasant and it is good if you have a larger-than-normal palm. The iPhone feels too tiny when I hold it in my hand. However, I am approaching the 5.5-inch suggestion with caution. This is because I am already finding it difficult to fit my Galaxy Note in some of my jeans pocket. I guess I'll have to get a hand on it when it launch to be be able to tell if the larger size is an improvement in user experience or is a disappointment. Overclocking of the Exynos processor. Powering the recently released Galaxy SIII is the hefty 1.4GHz quad-core Exynos processor. Many expect the same processor to be used to power the new Galaxy Note 2. To take their processor one step further, some suggest that Samsung may overclock the processor to 1.6GHz to power the bigger screen size. Higher resolution camera. One smartphone feature that has mass appeal propelling the mass adoption of smartphone is the camera and video application. No longer is the day when taking pictures using the phone camera means lousy, blur, grainy and unacceptable images. Nowadays, camera is one of the most used feature of the smartphones. Sizeable chunk of the Facebook images are uploaded from mobile taken directly using the smartphone camera. The same camera utilization is what powers Instagram to their $1Billion worth (and Mark Zuckerberg happily paid for it). Camera is definitely one key feature that will make or break a smartphone success. Nowadays, you see many smartphone vendors organizing free classes on how to take great pictures and share them using their mobile phones. Being at the forefront of innovation, Samsung is also renowned for their aggressive product launches. Many pundits are betting that the new Galaxy Samsung Note 2 will feature a 12 Mega-Pixel camera to replace the current 8MP camera.

Other than a higher resolution camera, I am expecting Samsung to upgrade the camera flash (considering how often we need to take good pictures that require good flash). In addition, it would be great if the Galaxy Note 2 comes with all the interesting camera app such as the flash burst (that is featured in HTC One-X).

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