Saturday, 18 August 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Release Date in Singapore

Early this month, it was first reported that Samsung will be announcing what could be the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in Berlin at the end of the month. The date is August 29 according to the report.

Latest Update: SingTel Galaxy Note 2 Plan Unveiled

This announcement gets me very excited as I was anxious about the fate of Galaxy Note after Samsung launched its flagship S3 phone. I'm sure many of you Galaxy Note fan out there share the same anxiety. Now that they have made this announcement, it gets me excited again.

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I am sure that the question that is on our mind is when will be the release date? Or rather, when will the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 be available in Singapore? I'm trying to keep myself informed of all the latest development. If there is any news about the date, I'll share it with everyone.

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  1. i am disappointed with Samsung for not releasing the note 2 in Singapore earlier, is Singapore been view as non important market for Samsung?

    1. everyone is having the same feeling as you right now i guess. one reason for this could be because of the regulatory process related to the 4G LTE. the 4G LTE network has just been rolled out here in Singapore and it would take some time for the field trial and verification to complete.