Sunday, 14 October 2012

Price of Galaxy Note 2: Expectation from Singapore Fans

Two days ago, I created a polling to find out how much galaxy fans in Singapore are willing to fork out to get the wildly popular Galaxy Note 2 that Samsung will be previewing in the next few days. To be exact, the exclusive fans preview will be on Thursday, October 18. Today (Monday October 15) everyone who have applied for invitation should be notified if we'll be invited.

[Just for Fun] Polling: How much are you willing to pay for Galaxy Note 2?

When I created the polling, I did not set too high expectation for myself. If there were 20 of you answering the poll, it would be fantastic, I told myself. As of this writing, I have received 40 participation. It is definitely not a shattering number and it is definitely not a scientific number. But it is interesting to find out the sentiment among Note fans here in Singapore.

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8 out of 10 of you expect the Samsung Galaxy Note II to be priced the same as Apple's iPhone 5. That is S$948. 1 out of 10 of you are willing to fork out S$998 for the phone. The rest of you thinks that the Note 2 will be priced above S$1,000. I have received feedbacks from some of you who thinks that the Galaxy Note 2 would be price lower than the iPhone 5 and faulting me for not providing a lower option.

So I'm now throwing another polling. Do you really think that the Galaxy Note II should be cheaper than the iPhone 5?

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