Friday, 19 October 2012

How was your Galaxy Note II Launch Experience?

A year ago, the first generation of Galaxy Note was unveiled. It was met with much scepticism and many believed the device was created for failure. Uncannily big to be considered as a phone but yet too small to be considered as a tablet. Hence a new category 'Phablet' was coined for the original Note. Fast forward to a year later, popularity of the Note surpassed all analysts' expectation and it soon became not only Samsung's but world's best selling phone.

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Building on its predecessor's success, a new Galaxy Note II was unveiled in September 29, 2012 during IFA event that was held in Berlin, Germany. Now nearly two months later, fans in Singapore finally get a chance to own it. Anticipation of the device started largely with enthusiasm and excitement. But Singapore turned out to be among the 'last' countries to see the device's availability. Though we are still ahead of USA, the Note II has been launched in dozens of countries, from Europe to South Korea, from India to Indonesia. The celebratory mood has in recent days turned sour. From lack of pricing information to its expensive launch pricing to lack of stock availability to lack of option other than the 16GB version.

zAcH WoNG shared his comment: Cancelled my plan with M1 since their price is not attractive.

SpiritAngelo has this to say: Starhub that side ain't that good either. And the 1000 phones for don't know how many thousand pple is just absurd.

echkay shared his frustration: Its weird that noone knows M1 price plans untill now and people are standing in rains for it. M1 should have handled in much better and shown some respect for the customers!!!!

How was your Galaxy Note 2 launch experience? Share in the comments below.

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