Tuesday, 16 October 2012

What is the Price of Galaxy Note 2 (Export Set) in Singapore?

Tomorrow, we all know that Samsung Mobile Singapore will hold their preview event for the long awaited Galaxy Note 2. Up to this point of time, there is still no words about the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) and even the handset purchase price with contract from all the three local telcos.

The past few days, I roamed around few different parts of the island. Not surprising, most of the mobile kiosk around the neighbourhood blocks have started selling Galaxy Note II LTE N7100. I noticed that this has created a little confusion among many with some asking the question such as, "Is that the genuine new Galaxy Note model?" or "Do you mean the new Note is already launched in Singapore?". Frankly speaking, no matter how big a Note fan, I am disappointed by the way Samsung has managed the launch of this new device. Tell that to Singapore fans who feel undermined as we are one of the last batch of countries to receive the phone. Even fans in our neighbouring country like Indonesia get to see the device being available on October 13.

Enough said of my frustration, let me just share with you guys about what I found to be the selling price of the Galaxy Note II. Mind you that those units currently selling are Export Set, which means that they do not come with local warranty. Simply said, buy it at your own risk. From the few shops I went to, the price vary widely. The cheapest offer is at S$838 while the most expensive offer is at $888 (not a bad number).

Based on the price of these export sets, I would expect the price of Galaxy Note 2 to be $948 which makes it on par with iPhone 5. (See: 9 of 10 Fans in Singapore think that Galaxy Note 2 LTE should be priced lower than the iPhone 5) What will be the official RRP of Galaxy Note II? I believe we should have the answer by tomorrow. Stay cool guys!