Monday, 1 October 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in Pink? Quite likely

UPDATE (November 6, 2012): The Galaxy Note II launch in Singapore was indeed phenomenal. We saw thousands of Singapore fans queueing up to get their hands on the device. Many of the telcos' outlets were running out of stock in a matter of days after it was launched. Even today, you might want to do a stock check first before heading to any of the telco shop. Chances are, they might have sold out their Note 2 stocks.

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Earlier, I foresee the coming of pink Galaxy Note II was nothing but certain. However, looking at the supply crunch that Samsung is facing at the moment, time is running out fast for them to sort out the supply crunch issue or otherwise, there might not be the pink version of Note II after all.

Based on my quick check on the ground and feedbacks that I'm hearing from Note 2 fans in Singapore, many are still unable to make their purchase because the telco that they intend to stick with runs out of stock. Given the situation, I do not see the supply issue being resolved anytime soon. It would take at least another few weeks before they can produce enough to meet the current demand. Then there are still other models that they have announced but not been made available yet, such as the 32GB and 64GB version of the Note 2.

The most logical time frame that I see would be the earliest availability of the pink Note is February to March. This is provided that they could overcome the current supply issue fast enough. So, unless you are seeing Galaxy Note II stock readily available in Singapore before Christmas, there is slim chance that we are going to see the pink Note.

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[Earlier story] I still remember earlier this year when Samsung announced that they are going to offer pink as one of the option for the Galaxy Note. To be exact, the pink version of the first generation Note arrives in Singapore in April 2012. The announcement stirred strong excitement among ladies smartphone users in Singapore. For ladies and pink fanatics (including myself), we greeted the news with joy.

Since the smartphone revolution led by iPhone, most phones come in black and lately, in white. There were attempts by some of the vendors such as HTC, but most of them fell short. The color options offered were not bold enough.

Samsung's gambit to release a pink version for its massively popular Galaxy Note proved to be a hit, especially among ladies in Singapore. This time, many lady fans are asking the same question again. Will Samsung do the same to its new generation of Galaxy Note 2? So far, there has been no official mention of the pink variant for the Galaxy Note 2.

Given the popularity of the pink Galaxy Note, it is in their interest to release a pink version for the Galaxy Note 2. Rumours and speculations (such as this) seems to be in line with my expectation. My take is, don't worry gals, we're going to get our pink Galaxy Note 2.

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