Thursday, 18 October 2012

Galaxy Note II is finally available in Singapore

To most fans in Singapore, the wait for Galaxy Note 2 has been a mixed experience. On one hand, we have heard so many reviews on this phablet and what makes it a fantastic device to have. In the end, it is our own experience with the original Galaxy Note itself that makes us excited about this device. Many have been frustrated with the slow network connection on the 3G network here in Singapore. Whether you are on SingTel, Starhub or M1, they equally suck, especially when it comes to crowded places in Singapore. Come on, how often do you end up in non-crowded places nowadays in Singapore? Go on the train or bus, and we often find ourselves squeezed like sardine fish. When you go for Friday night hangout, most malls are jam-packed. Personally, there have been few occasions when I was trying to show a video (one of them is the massively popular Gangam video) to my girl friends during our Friday night hangout, but the network was crawling and there was no way I could get the video to load. We hope the new Galaxy Note 2 that comes with LTE support will change all that.

We know that the original note is awesome and that is why we are loving it. But we also know that there are plenty of rooms for improvement. Samsung is trying to deliver some of the critical improvements with the new note. The screen of the new Note is supposed to be brighter than its predecessor. The stylus pen is supposed to offer much better experience with better touch sensitivity and AirView. The battery is getting a major upgrade to 3,100mAh that is expected as higher battery consumption is expected from the 4G LTE networks. We're yet to see how good the LTE networks of the local telcos are at this point of time. But I'm expecting that we're still going to be on the 3G networks at least half of the time. So, the bigger battery capacity will let us charge less often.

Today is the day that Galaxy Note fans in Singapore has been waiting for. Unless you are a SingTel customer, most of us have to wait till tomorrow (Saturday October 20) if we are on M1 or Starhub. For now, I'll leave it here. I need to get myself ready for the queue. Did you manage to book your appointment slot yesterday?

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